Monthly Archives: April 2016

Bantu Swedish champion

Many congratulations to owner Carina Renberg on finishing the Swedish champion title at his first attempt for Jet’s Take That this week-end in Västerås under judge Jean-Francois Vanaken, Belgium.

Henry wins BIS-2 at Bergen International

Am.Norw.Swed.Ch. Jet’s Man in the Moon, owned by Stepanka Horakova, wins BOB, Group-1 and BIS-2 at Bergen International. He is pictured with breed judge Jochen Eberhardt and BOS-winner Ch.Jet’s Leaving Me Breathless.

Champion at nine years old

Jet’s Make It Big, Gladys, won her champion title at Bergen International. Owned by Aina Løkken, Gladys won all her CCs from the veterans class. Congratulations!

Elsa wins again

Jet’s Just For Pleasure won her third Irish Green Star with BOB at only 11 months old. Congratulations to owner Brendan Nolan.

Another BOB for Elsa

Jet’s Just For Pleasure has won her second Green Star with BOB in Ireland at 11 months old. Congratulations to owner Brendan Nolan.

New Latvian champion

Jet’s Love Me Or Leave Me, Adina, has won her Latvian champion title. Many congratulations to her owner Sari Sorvo.