Specialty Winners

Greyhound Specialty SBIS/SBOB-winners owned and/or bred by Jet’s

SBIS/SBOB-winners at the Norwegian Greyhound Club national championship specialities 1979 –

1979Barbara Wilton-Clark (Shalfleet), UKInt.Ch. Gulds Choice Cimone 
1980Monica Wall, SwedenInt.Ch. Jet’s Ginger Ale 
1982Harry Jordan, UKInt.Ch. Jet’s Pink Panther 
1982Marliese Schneebeli, SwitzerlandInt.Ch. Jet’s Stardust 
1982Hans Lehtinen, FinlandInt.Ch. Jet’s Stardust 
1983Ben Raven, UKInt.Ch. Jet’s Stardust 
1984Wendye Slatyer, AustraliaInt.Ch. Jet’s Stardust 
1984Bo Bengtson (Bohem), USAInt.Ch. Jet’s Pink Panther 
1984Brenda Rowe (Gayside), UKInt.Ch. Jet’s White Christmas 
1985June Minns (Exhurst), UK Int.Ch. Jet’s Miraculix 
1986Helmut Flindt (v.d. Mainperle), GermanyCh. Jet’s Pink Floyd 
1988Ralph Parsons (RP), UKInt.Ch. Jet’s Coco Chanel 
1990Gilberto Grandi (dell Caveja), ItalyInt.Ch. Jet’s For Your Eyes Only 
1992Pat Ide (Huzzah), USAInt.Ch. Gallant Major Motion 
1994Janet Wood (Ardencote), UKInt.Ch. Jet’s Headed Like A Snake 
1996Norman Guidobro Corbett (Huilaco), SpainInt.Ch. Jet’s No Brains No Headaches 
1997Max Magder (Lorrickbrook), Canada Int.Ch. Jet’s No Brains No Headaches 
1998Knut Blütecher (Showline), Norway Int.Ch. Gaia Sunridge Sunrise 
1999Gloria Reese (Holmby Hill), USA Int.Ch. Jet’s Some Like It Hot 
2000Kristine Corralluzzo (Xilone), Australia Int.Ch. Jet’s Once Upon A Dream 
2001Ingebjørg Stenhaugen (Dogcastle’s), Norway Ch. Jet’s Dreams of Wealth and Happiness 
2002André Renard (des Saintes Croisades), France Int.Ch. Jet’s Snakes Alive 
2005Olaf Knauber (Happy Hunters), Germany Int.Ch. Jet’s Something in the Way U Smile 
2006 Robert Paust, USAInt.Ch. Jet’s Once Upon A Dark Night
2006 Rudi Brandt, DenmarkInt.Ch. Maxim to Jet’s dell’Attimo Fuggente
2007 Petter Fodstad, NorwayInt.Ch. Jet’s Once Upon A Time
2013Jerry Robertson (Azram), UKInt.Ch. Jet’s Just Take Me Home Tonight
2014Maggie Holder (Mascotts), UKInt.Ch. Jet’s Signed Sealed’n Delivered
2015Dr. Göran Bodegård, UKInt.Ch. Jet’s Man in the Moon
2016Alain Dumortier (Graal Quest), FranceInt.Ch. Jet’s Take It Or Leave It
2017Roberto Posa (Karkati), SwitzerlandCh. Jet’s Just The Way U Are

SBIS/SBOB-winners at the Swedish Greyhound Club national (Skokloster) specialities 1988 –

1988Ray Lindholm (Champhurst), SwedenInt.Ch. Jet’s Coco Chanel
1989Gloria Reese (Holmby Hill), USAInt.Ch. Jet’s Coco Chanel
1993Gerd Flyckt-Pedersen (Hubbestad), UK/USAInt.Ch. Jet’s Headed Like A Snake
2003Bitte Ahrens (Sobers), ItalyInt.Ch. Jet’s Something in the Way U Smile
2004Rita Bartlett (Ransley), UKInt.Ch. Jet’s As You Like It
2008Alain Dumortier (Graal Quest), FranceInt.Ch. Jet’s Right On Target
2012Elaine Newsham (Windspiel), UKInt.Ch. Jet’s Moonlight Serenade

SBIS/SBOB-winners at the Finnish Greyhound Club national specialty

2002Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne, GermanyInt.Ch. Jet’s Only In Your Dreams
2008Ludmila Fintorova, SlovakiaInt.Ch. Jet’s Sometimes I Get The Blues

SBIS/SBOB-winners at the French Greyhound Club national specialty

2001Lotte Jørgensen, DenmarkInt.Ch. Jet’s Once Upon A Dream

SBIS/SBOB-winners at the Greyhound Club (England)

2015Jackie White (Baldrey), EnglandInt.Ch. Jet’s Moonlight Serenade